Cherry On Top🍒 (on CD)

New SCRATCH album.

On good ol’ fashioned, glorious CD.

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13 new tracks previously unreleased. Captured on vintage analog gear, playing live all together at the same time in the studio. Each song stands on it’s own. No fillers!

1. If Looks Could Kill (4:19)

2. I Will (4:34)

3. Cherry On Top (3:33)

4. Always With Me Always With
You (3:48)

5. Right Here For You (3:20)

6. Your Light (2:42)

7. Stranger In My Bed (3:49)

8. Trippin The Light Fantastico.

9. Sorry (3:43)

10. Just One Touch (4:29)

11. Home (6:31)

12. Dollar For A Dance (3:27)

13. Hot Mess (4:21)

Recorded at Star Studio Idaho Falls, Idaho

Produced by Rick Trulson & Kenny Nelson

Mastered by Steve Phillips of

Artwork designed by Ross Bushong/Bushong Graphics

Photography by Leslie Scheer/LScheer Photography (shot on location at Diablas Kitchen Idaho Falls).

℗©2021 Scratch DirtyRockNRollPublishing ASCAP.